Nightlife in Ayia Napa

For a holiday with a fantastic nightlife, Ayia Napa fits the bill. Every year over 250,000 clubbers experience the brilliant atmosphere. Ayia Napa is one of the great clubbing destinations in Europe.

With its famous reputation, Ayia Napa attracts some brilliant artists such as Chase & status, Rudimental DJ, Sigma, Lethal Bizzle and even Chris Brown!

Ayia Napa has something for everyone and is a great nightlife and nightclub destination. They have parties, top DJs, live events, a range of festivals and concerts.

The party & clubbing season is a very long one in Ayia Napa as it’s from May to October, however the peak months to go are June, July, August and September. This is a 18-30 clubbing holiday, but most of the people partying in Ayia Napa are 25 and under.

There are over 80 bars in Ayia Napa and you will find great deals on beer, cocktails and spirits. There are also 12 nightclubs to keep you raving until the early hours of the morning.

The nightlife gets started at around 11pm and the nightclubs here open at around 1am. Once the night gets going Ayia Napa is an unbelievable place to be. This place is rocking and the party spills onto the street.

The popular place to be is The Square (Circus Square). Circus Square is packed full of young clubbers. This area has many bars and nightclubs for you to enjoy. There is also the strip which is very popular. Up and down the strip there are loads of great bars.

In any clubbing destination there is going to be parties, but Ayia Napa has loads! Foams parties here are a must. Ayia Napa has a lot of foam parties for the day and night.

There’s more than foam parties in Ayia Napa, there are some insane parties such as beach, pool, paint, full moon, street and glow parties. All these parties are quality and some even have top artist perform.

Two parties which are unmissable are the Kandi Beach Party and Kandi Street Party. Kandi Beach Party has had some incredible acts perform such as Wiley. The Kandi Street Party has had some top DJs and fantastic fire shows. These parties will definitely be a holiday highlight.

For fireworks, dancers and global music superstars, look no further than Beach Cult Live. In 2015, the lineup for Beach Cult Live had Snoop Dogg, Jillionaire, Sigma, Rudimental and Chase & Status. Hundreds of people are at Makronissos Beach Club and they are experiencing an unbelievable night.

The bar crawls in Ayia Napa are some of the best you will ever experience. Two which are recommended to go on are Party Hard Bar Crawl and Mayhem Barcrawl. Both of these bar crawls will have plenty of drinking games throughout the night.

Although Ayia Napa is a very popular destination for young clubbers, it is also popular with families. Most of the families will be in and around the harbour, Nissi Avenue and Nissi Bay. The nightlife here is much quieter area than the strip and the square.

Nightclubs and Bars

A place which is definitely recommended to go into is Castle Club. They have 14 bars, 3 dance floors and the largest outdoor terrace in Ayia Napa. And to top it all off, Castle Club looks exactly like a castle. This place is perfect.

Another club worth a visit is an underground club called Soho Club. This is an excellent place for all you party animals.

Club Aqua is open until 7am and is a clubbing paradise. If it gets too hot for you then you can cool off in their indoor pool. Before you head to Club Aqua you may want to go to Club Black N White.

This is the longest running nightclub and is a great place to spend your night. The club has had many top DJs and artists play including Tinie Tempah, Wiley and Skepta. For an after party club go to River Reggae. This place has great music, swimming pool, and indoor and outdoor dance floors.

There are loads of great bars in Ayia Napa. Bars to go into are Senior Frog’s, Pepper Bar Lounge, Bedrock Inn, Ambassaden, Ice Lounge and the Square bar.

There are many foam parties is Ayia Napa but the longest and biggest is at Club Ice. If you only want to do one foam party then it’s got to be at Club Ice. When there isn’t a foam party Club Ice is still a great place to go.

There are two rooms with over 1,800 clubbers having an incredible night. Other places to consider are Club Shuffle, Havana, Car Wash, Blue Moon, Club Sin and Starkeys.

In the daytime it is wise to get on the boat party and the one boat to step on board is the Fantasy Boat Party. This party is incredible as you get to party on the most brightly coloured boat you have ever see.

Another boat party to step on board is the mighty Kandi Boat Party. This bright orange boat is an insane party boat.

Things to Do

One thing to do after the night before is to visit the beach and a great one to visit is the Nissi Beach. The sand is golden and the sea is a beautiful colour. If you are going to recover from a hangover this is the place to be.

If your hangover isn’t too bad you can get on the booze again by visiting the Nissi Bay Beach Bar. At the beach you can do a range of watersports.

Watersports are great, but nothing can beat a water park and Ayia Napa has one of the largest water parks in Europe. This water park is themed as an ancient Greek city and has loads of slides for you to enjoy.

If you are really brave then why not try the Napa Bungee. If you’re not brave then you can chill out here and watch people do the bungee jump. If theme parks are your thing, then you might want to take a visit to the Parko Paliatso fun fair. They have ride called the Slingshot and it’s the highest ejection seat in Europe.

Other things in Ayia Napa are hiring a moped, hiring quad bike, fishing, watching the cage rage, cliff diving and more. Many people like cliff jumping but we would advise you not to do this as it is very dangerous and there have been many accidents.

Useful Information

Airport name: Larnaca

Transfer time to Ayia Napa: 45 minutes