Nightlife in Ibiza

For many years now Ibiza has been the place to go for great nightlife. It is the top clubbing destination in Europe and quite possibly the world. This Balearic Island in Spain has the very best clubs around.

During the clubbing season thousands of people come to Ibiza to experience the incredible atmosphere. Ibiza is definitely a clubber’s paradise.

Ibiza attracts the very best DJs so expect to see David Guetta, Disclosure, Duke Demont and more. The party is alive for many months in Ibiza.

Ideal months to go are May, June, July, August and September. Outside of these months the nightlife will be quieter as many of the nightclubs and bars are closed.

Two of busiest times of year is the opening parties (May and June) and the closing parties (September and October). And for the hottest parties and weather the months to go are July and August.

Other busy times of the year are the International Dance Summit (early May) and BBC Radio 1 Weekend (early August).

Ibiza is all about great parties. There are parties at pools, on boats, at nightclubs, at beach clubs, at hotels and more! Throughout the season the nightclubs put on incredible parties. Some of the great parties in Ibiza are:

  • Cream at Amnesia
  • Flower Power at Pacha
  • Zoo Project at Benimussa
  • We Love Space at Space
  • Pool parties at Ocean Beach Club

Nightlife Areas

Whoever you are, everyone is welcome to the party island of Ibiza. On the island you will see young clubbers, stag dos, hen parties, lads holidays and more.

The main nightlife areas are San Antonio, Ibiza Town and Playa D’en Bossa. Here’s some more info about these hotspots:

San Antonio is on the west of Ibiza and is the perfect place for party people as you will find famous nightclubs, great bars, beautiful beaches and the West End.

The West End is a long strip which consists of loads of bars and is recommended to visit.

The famous sunset strip is also in San Antonio and it’s a must. Many people come to the sunset strip to view the beautiful sunset and experience the Ibiza vibe.

You can sit on the beach or chill at the bar and watch the sunset. Recommended bars to watch the sunset are:

  • Cafe Del Mar
  • Cafe Mambo
  • Mint
  • Savannah

Ibiza Town is on the east coast. To get to San Antonio from Ibiza Town it will take a 30 minute drive. In the Ibiza capital you will see plenty of money. You will see 5 star hotels, spas, yachts and maybe some celebrities.

Ibiza Town is a great party area as there are great bars and the world famous Pacha nightclub is there.

Playa D’en Bossa is a 5-10 minute drive from Ibiza Town and it’s a special place. The nightclubs here are big and fantastic.

You will be spoilt choice as the clubs here include Space, Ushuaia, Sankey’s and DC10. The area also has the world famous music venue at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Out of all these nightlife areas, the best place to stay is San Antonio as most of the partying is done here.


Entrance fee to clubs in Ibiza is expensive. Admission fees will vary from club to club but expect to around €40 to €80 Euros.

The club entrance price maybe high but you will regret not going to the clubs Ibiza has to offer. To get them cheaper book your tickets in advance.

To get into the great clubs you have to be at least 18 years old but it is very rare that ID’s are actually checked. You may get asked for ID if you are lucky enough to look young!

The dress code for many of the clubs in Ibiza is very relaxed. Most of the main clubs don’t have strict dress code so it’s very unlikely you won’t get in. It’s recommended to wear casual clothing.

Disco buses are used to get around the party areas and clubs. These buses are cheap and run regularly through the night. The disco buses are recommended to get on as it makes it easier for you to get to the nightlife and the great clubs.

If you are going to Amnesia, Privilege or Underground, then getting on the disco bus or a taxi is highly recommended as they are out of town and near the motorway.

Whatever you do, don’t try and walk back from theses clubs as it’s not going to happen.

There are clubs and then there are Ibiza clubs. Ibiza has some of the most respected clubs in world. There are plenty of clubs to choose from as there are nightclubs, open air clubs and beach clubs. Most of the clubs will open at midnight and keep going to about 7am.

These clubs are world famous for a reason. They put on the very best parties and shows you will ever experience:

Amnesia in San Rafael

In the clubbing season expect 5,000 clubbers partying every night of the week. Amnesia has won many awards for being the best club in the world. Amnesia have some incredible parties one of the most famous parties here is Cream.

Pacha in Ibiza Town

Pacha has been going over 40 years and is know throughout the world. This fantastic club has 16 bars, the very best DJs and parties such as Flower Power.

Privilege in San Rafael

Privilege is another fantastic nightclub in Ibiza. The club has a swimming pool and over 8,000 people on the dance floor. You are definitely going to have a good night.

Space in Playa D’en Bossa

The nightclub of Space is a special place. This great nightclub can accommodate over 2,000 people and with world class DJs on the decks, you are sure to have an unbelievable night.

Eden in San Antonio

Founded in 1999, Eden is another top nightclub in Ibiza. Expect the very best DJs and artist at Eden. Disclosure, Pete Tong, Judge Jules and many more have performed here.

The clubs above are great places to party however there are loads more world class clubs to enjoy. Clubs include:

  • Es Paradis in San Antonio
  • DC10 in Playa D’en Bossa
  • Sankey’s in Playa D’en Bossa
  • Underground in San Rafael

Open Air Clubs

Other than nightclubs there are open air clubs. The recommended ones are:

  • Benimussa in San Antonio
  • Ushuaia in Playa D’en Bossa
  • Ibiza Rocks Hotel in San Antonio
  • Hard Rock Hotel in Play D’en Bossa
  • Ocean Beach Club in San Antonio

Once you have done the nightclubs and open air clubs you might want to go to a beach club! Two great beach clubs are Bora Bora Ibiza and Blue Marlin.

Before you even step into a club you can have a few drinks in some great bars. The bars to head to are:

  • Dunes in Playa D’en Bossa
  • Ibiza Rock bar in San Antonio
  • Lineker’s bar in San Antonio
  • Tantra in Playa D’en Bossa
  • Itaca in San Antonio

Things To Do

In Ibiza you can do many great things such as hiring a boat, paintballing, go karting, scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing, chilling on a beach and much more. When going on a party holiday, you have to get on board a party boat.

Ibiza is a clubbing capital so expect the very best boat parties. In Ibiza there are plenty of boat parties on offer. You will find most of these in San Antonio. A few recommended ones to go are Pukka Up and Float your Boat.

Useful Information

Airport name: Ibiza Airport

Transfer time to San Antonio: 30 minutes

Transfer time to Ibiza Town: 15 minutes

Transfer time to Playa d’en Bossa: 10 minutes