Nightlife in Krakow

Poland has a few cities that allow you to experience a very good night out. One place that is popular is the city of Krakow. This city has a nightlife that can be enjoyed by all especially the stag and hen party crowd. You might not know this, but Polish people really like their vodka. If vodka isn’t your thing then you can try the beers out there. These tend to be a lot stronger than other countries around Europe, so be careful. The price of beer and vodka is fairly cheap – that’s why so many stag do and hen parties visit Krakow.

The majority of the bars you go to will be underground. These cellar bars are well known and are similar to Prague’s underground bars. Most of the time you will go down one flight of stairs but sometimes it’s two. These cellar bars give Krakow a unique nightlife!

The nightlife area to head to is the Market Square. This area has everything to contribute to an enjoyable night -nightclubs, pubs, cellar bars and restaurants. This area is in the Old Town and it’s the place you and your friends want to be. It has a lively and friendly atmosphere. All the popular nightclubs, cellars bars and pubs can be found in and around the Market Square in Krakow. All the venues are close together so you won’t be walking for long when hopping from venue to venue.

Another nightlife area to consider is Kazimierz. This area is also known as the Jewish Quarter and offers a more laid back vibe than the Market Square. But don’t underestimate this area. It’s a trendy place and has great bars and restaurants. People like to come to Kazimierz before they head to the Market Square.

Tram Party

Want to do something totally different on a night out? Then why not hop on one of the many party trams in Krakow. These are perfect for anyone including stag dos and hen parties. There are a few companies who provide the party tram experience so each party tram is different but they are very enjoyable and it’s a great way to party. Most trams include lots of beer, vodka and a dancefloor that you can dance on, even when the tram is moving. Who can say they have partied on a tram!


There are quite a lot of nightclubs in Krakow. The dress code at these clubs isn’t that strict; just dress fairly smart and don’t wear trainers and you should be fine. The clubs here don’t close until around 5am so you have plenty of time for partying.

Four Music Club is located in the Old Town and is a fantastic place to spend the night. It’s a really friendly place and has great reviews. Its one of best nightclubs in Krakow for sure! Another recommended nightclub to attend is Shine Club. This club has a fantastic atmosphere and offers a great night out plus it has cheap drinks and a cheap entry fee. There are many more nightclubs to check out, these include:

  • Choice Club
  • Alternatywy
  • Spolem Deluxe club
  • Shakers
  • Baccarat Music Club
  • Frantic
  • Klub Coco

Cellar Bars & Pubs

To access the bars and pubs in Krakow you will go underground. Here are some of the many recommended cellar bars.

The first bar to head to is called Wodka Cafe Bar. As we mentioned before, Polish people love their vodka, so if you are going to taste their famous vodka do it at this bar. It’s a small bar but it’s a great one.

House of Beer is a bar that doesn’t need much explaining. It’s a popular place to hang out on a night out. There are over 150 types of beer here. The bartenders know their stuff and will recommend you a beer or two.

This next place serves beer in 3 metre tubes. These tubes have 5 litres of beer and have a tap so you can pour your own beer. This venue is called CK Browar and is a bar and a restaurant. It’s a great place to start your night out with your friends.

Another cellar bar to drink in is Cybermachina. This bar is for all the gamers out there. It has many games consoles such PlayStation, Wii and Xbox to keep you entertained. There are also board games and cards for you to enjoy. This place does get very busy but is worth going to. However, it can be quite difficult to find but once you do, you will be in here for hours.

There are many more bars in this great city. Other bars to consider when in Krakow are:

  • Strefa Piwa
  • Teatro Cubano Lokal
  • Movida Cocktail Bar
  • Black Gallery Pub
  • Buddha Drink & Garden Bar

Jazz bars

If you like jazz then you will love the jazz bars in Krakow. One in particular is Harris Piano Jazz bar. It’s not just a great jazz bar it’s a great bar overall and everyone should experience this place. It’s located near the Market Square and has regular jazz jam sessions to enjoy. Other jazz bars to head to include U Muniaka, Piec Art Acoustic Jazz Club and Jazz Rock Cafe.

Useful Information

Airport name: John Paul II International Airport Kraków–Balice

Transfer time to City: 30 minutes