Nightlife in Nottingham

If you are after a decent night out in Nottingham then it is pretty much guaranteed. The nightlife here is very popular with stag dos, hen parties, students and just about everything else.

In the city centre there are many bars and pubs dotted around but the main place to be in is the Lace Market. Here you will find many bars, pubs and nightclubs. This area is very popular and it is recommended to go here.

There are other nightlife areas in the centre of Nottingham such as the Canal Front, The Corner House and the Old Market Square.

Canal Front has great bars, pubs and a comedy club to enjoy. The area is very close to the world famous Hooters. This is the only one in the UK and is very popular with stag dos. The Corner House is an area which has restaurants, bars and a cinema.

This area is a short walk from the very popular Rock City. This place has been named as one of the best music venues in the UK so it’s a place you should check out.

They regularly have artist perform here, but when there isn’t a live event on, Rock City is still a very busy place.

Another area in the city centre is the Old Market Square. This area has many pubs, bars and restaurants to check out.

The nightlife in Nottingham can be enjoyed throughout the year with every Friday and Saturday being busy. Bars and nightclubs are open very late so you can keep on partying.

The dress code in the nightclubs and bars isn’t that strict. For most venues you will get in wearing trainers but there are a few places which would prefer you to wear shoes.


Pryzm, formerly known as Oceana, is a six room clubbers paradise. There are rooms to dance the night away in and rooms to chill out in such as the Bavarian bier hall. NG1 is another club to go to and is only a short walk from Pryzm.

It has two floors and 3 bars to check out. NG1 has a capacity of over 1,000 and stays open until the very early hours of the morning. Many people come here when the Pryzm nightclub closes for the night.

Ink is another great nightclub to party all night in. Every weekend the DJs play great music. There are three cool rooms and 8 bars to check out.

Stealth is a favourite with many people. Throughout the week this place hosts great nights to experience especially when Stealth, and a neighbouring venue, Rescue Rooms put on Stealth vs Rescued – one of best club nights in Nottingham. When these two places team up it’s an event you shouldn’t miss.

Bars and Cocktail Bars

Das Kino has been popular ever since it opened. There are great DJs playing here and also ping pong tables. This is a very trendy place to go to.

Coco Tang is a cool place to hang out. This underground bar has many rooms to explore. You can drink cocktails and dance all night long.

The Boilermaker is a trendy and stylish place to go providing you know where it is. From the outside it looks like a shop selling boilers but once you go through the staff only doors you will experience this fantastic cocktail bar.

Hockley Arts Club is another place that is secretly hidden. It’s on the same street as the Boilermaker and one of the coolest bars in Nottingham so it’s worth looking for. It’s open until 3am so you have time plenty of time to see all 4 floors.

Baa Bar is also a very popular place to be when the weekend comes. They have great cocktails which are served in science beakers and test tubes. Baa Bar also serve shooters and smoking shooters.

Bodega is a great place for live music and dancing. It also has a beer garden to enjoy in the summer. Other bars to visit are The Bowery Club, Tilt, Pepper Rocks, Filthy’s, Pitcher & Piano, Market Bar, Bunk and Rocket at Saltwater.


Claimed to be the oldest pub in England the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem pub is a favourite with every age. It opened in 1189 and is built into the stone caves. It’s a pub you should definitely have a drink in.

Pit and Pendulum is an interesting pub to say the least. The Gothic themed interior creates a unique experience. The fun side to this pub is that the toilets are hidden behind a bookcase!

The Canalhouse is busy all year round. This pub has narrow boats docked in the pub. You have to go over the narrow boats by a bridge to get to the bar.

Other great Pubs in Nottingham to have a drink in are Horn in Hand, Spanky Van Dykes, Malt Cross and the Bell Inn.