Nightlife in Tenerife

There are many places to have a great holiday in the Canary Islands but there is one place which has the best nightlife for clubbing.

The place we are talking about is Tenerife, but, more specifically, Playa de las Americas. The main places in Playa de las Americas are Veronica’s, Starco and The Patch.

When the sun goes down, The Veronica strip and Starco are the places to go. Veronica strip is 200 metres long and has bars, pubs and nightclubs. Just a small walk away is Starco.

This place has a few bars and clubs which are worth going to. In Veronica and Starco the drink prices are fairly reasonable and you will find that most places offer some great deals on beer and cocktails.

Theses places have lots of bars and are more for the younger crowd. In both areas you will find people who are in there twenties. However don’t be surprised to see stag dos and hen parties out. Both places stay open until around 3 to 5 in the morning.

The Patch area tends to attract an older audience. This area is mainly for families and provides a range of entertainment that is suitable for all ages.

Los Cristianos is a very popular destination for holidaymakers however the nightlife in this area isn’t as good as Playa de las Americas. Most of the people in Los Cristianos will be families.

It’s recommended to stay in Playa de las Americas as it will make it easier for you to find your hotel while you are stumbling home at 4 o’clock in the morning. The nightlife in Tenerife is most popular in the summer months.

However, with Tenerife having fantastic weather all year, many people come outside the summer months. This makes Tenerife a great place for a party getaway all year round!

Nightclubs and Bars

Believe or not one of the best clubs is named Tramps. This name isn’t the greatest club name ever but it is the best club on the Island. Every night Tramps is party crazy.

Every night is busy and it feels like it’s a Saturday night every time. This nightclub is located in the Starco part of Playa de las America and is well worth going to. Tramps have had some famous people on their DJ decks including Judge Jules, Westwood and Vernon Kay.

The other recommended bars to go to in Starco are Linekers bar and Rumours Club. For most of the night you will probably be on Verica strip. The recommended bars to head to are Sugareef, Sound of Cream, Jumping Jacks, Bobby’s and O’Neills bar.

Things to Do

After a heavy session on the booze it made be ideal to go to the beautiful beaches Tenerife has to offer. Or if you are up for an activity then there’s plenty to do.

There are many different types of watersports available such as jet skiing, kayaking and scuba diving. If your not into your watersports then you maybe interested in go karting, quad biking, paintballing and more.

Recommended to do in Tenerife is to go to the water park. The Siam park cost 52 million Euros to construct and it sure was money well spent. They have a wave pool, lazy river and loads of incredible slides including a slide called the Tower of Power.

At first you go down the 28 metre vertical drop and then you go into a transparent tube which is surrounded by stingrays and sharks!

Useful Information

Airport name: Tenerife South Airport (Reina Sofia)

Transfer time to Playa de las Americas: 30 minutes